What is NIL?

NIL stands for “Name, Image, and Likeness” specifically referring to the use of an athlete’s NIL through marketing and promotional endeavors. Student-athletes at NCAA institutions could begin monetizing their NIL beginning on July 1, 2021.

What are the NCAA rules regarding NIL?

Generally speaking, all NIL activities are permitted, as they follow these four guidelines:
  • An NIL deal must require a student-athlete to do an activity in order to receive compensation.
  • That activity cannot be tied to athletic performance such as statistical achievements, awards.
  • That activity cannot be contingent upon the student-athlete committing to the university that the collective supports or tied to enrollment.
  • Institutions do not provide compensation in exchange for the use of a student-athlete’s NIL.
NCAA rules also require student-athletes to follow their state law or institutional policy on NIL activities.

Is the Panther Collective an Entity of the University of Northern Iowa?

No – The Panther Collective is a third-party entity that is unaffiliated with the University of Northern Iowa.

Are contracts with student athletes exclusive?

No – our agreements are intentionally non-exclusive to enable student-athletes to continue to build their brand with opportunities outside of The Panther Collective.

How are student athletes compensated?

Student-athletes are paid by helping the Panther Collective achieve it’s mission of community betterment and engagement. These activities could include service work at non-profit events, promotion of a charities event, visits to local elementary schools, etc .

How much of my donation goes to the student athlete?

The Panther Collective is composed entirely of volunteer board members who share the same passion and enthusiasm for UNI Men's and Women's basketball that you do. We have had some initial start up costs to become active but expect over 95% of all money raised annually to go back to the student athletes.

Are donations to The Panther Collective Tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no they are not.

With guidance released by the IRS on 6/10/2023 regarding all Collectives, it is clear that donations made to The Panther Collective WILL NOT be tax deductible.

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